New rehearsal studio and new drummer

Freak has left the building. We have rehearsed for many years at Rolling Rock, but this mountain site just outside central Stockholm will now turn into a car park.

A new rehearsal studio is being constructed some ten minutes drive from the old location, in a trading estate in Sätra. One drawback is that it is a bit far away, but an advantage is that the building is constructed with rehearsal studios as sole purpose.

We have already tried it out, as we’ve been able to play in a nearby office while the actual studios are being built.

This gives us an opportunity to tell you that we are playing with a new drummer now. Pojlof has been busy with work and family for a couple of years – he is also the one of us who lives the furthest from the rehearsal studio – so for a long time we have practically been left without drums.

Since this spring Jarkko has been trying out with Freak, and this seems to be a steady relationship. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear him play with us in a near future.

Rolling Rock Mark II should open at the end of September, 2017.

Mixing of six tracks may eventually turn into an album

Inch by inch Freak’s ongoing recordings approach something that can be released to the public. We have recorded 6 songs and the mixing of them has exceeded expectations. We were initially aiming to make a single, but since our songs go from long to epic, maybe it was more realistic to aim for a 12-inch single.

But since the result of the recordings feels so good, it may happen that we actually do an album in the fall.

Read more about these recordings in Stefan’s recent post on Blogger.

Recordings are a lot easier in the new rehearsal studio

We have got a new rehearsal studio in Stockholm. The location is the same – deep in a mountain between Midsommarkransen and Telefonplan – but the room is much bigger than the one we’ve had for ages. This makes recording much easier, as instruments can be separated… and in general, you can move around without hitting into microphones, each other, the ceiling or whatever.

And we have come pretty far with Creator of Souls. Next track will be Eternal Sleep.

Hopefully, this will be released as an official demo during the spring.

We’ll keep you posted.

Intense rehearsals with Freak


We rehearse once again on regular basis, and are working to expand our regular set. Although the material is ancient; the arrangements are getting tighter and tighter. Freak has never sounded as good as now.

These are the songs we play at the moment:

  1.  Eternal Sleep
  2. Breathe
  3. Fire
  4. Steelskull
  5. Lost
  6. Creator of Souls
  7. Heterodox
  8. Demons’ Breed

Photo by Pojlof Sandberg Flygare.