Freak is the band from Stockholm that plays an own kind of stone age doom metal. At the moment, we are recording our first proper album – under the supervision of Mike Wead (of King Diamond and Hexenhaus fame). You can enjoy some tracks from these recordings here: Freak at Soundcloud.

The line-up:

  • Anders Ålander, vocals and bass
  • Stefan Skimmerstrand, guitars
  • Jarkko Connor, drums

Our first incarnation was from 1989 up until 1994, when we for forgotten reasons drifted apart. In conjunction with the release of the album Tripping in the basement (Subliminal Sounds) in late 1996 we did a few gigs, but then returned to our respective coffins.

Occasional rehearsals at intervals ended with a new drummer in 2017. A fresh injection, Jarkko infused the band with energy and since then recording continue at a relentless pace. Freak have since released a bunch of songs on Spotify and other platforms.