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Freak in June, 2012

Above: Freak in June, 2012. From left to right: Pojlof Sandberg Flygare, Stefan Skimmerstrand, Anders Ålander and Magnus Nilsson.

In 1989 Freak sprung into life from the swamps of Södertälje, the Detroit of Sweden. Originally a trio with Anders Ålander (bass, vocals), Stefan Skimmerstrand (guitars) and Pojlof Sandberg Flygare (drums); guitarist Magnus Nilsson joined the band in 1991. This has been the lineup ever since.

Our first incarnation was from 1989 up until 1994, when we for unknown reasons drifted apart. In conjunction with the album Tripping in the basement (Subliminal Sounds) was released in late 1996 we did a few gigs, but then returned to our respective coffins.

The songs on the album The Golden Dawn of Freak were made during the years 1990-1994 and were, at the time of the album’s release in 2000, the only known documents of the group. All but one track were recorded during rehearsals.

The band members met again in the fall of 2006 (by coincidence at a churchyard) and decided that it was about time to give Freak another chance. More tapes were found in our closets and eventually we started playing together again.

We are now based in Stockholm, Sweden and are preparing for our first studio album.

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