Freak has left the building. We have rehearsed for many years at Rolling Rock, but this mountain site just outside central Stockholm will now turn into a car park.

A new rehearsal studio is being constructed some ten minutes drive from the old location, in a trading estate in Sätra. One drawback is that it is a bit far away, but an advantage is that the building is constructed with rehearsal studios as sole purpose.

We have already tried it out, as we’ve been able to play in a nearby office while the actual studios are being built.

This gives us an opportunity to tell you that we are playing with a new drummer now. Pojlof has been busy with work and family for a couple of years – he is also the one of us who lives the furthest from the rehearsal studio – so for a long time we have practically been left without drums.

Since this spring Jarkko has been trying out with Freak, and this seems to be a steady relationship. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear him play with us in a near future.

Rolling Rock Mark II should open at the end of September, 2017.