The Golden Dawn of Freak (2000)

The Golden Dawn of Freak cover

The album The Golden Dawn of Freak is a collection of live recordings and rehearsal studio takings, issued in 2000. This was at the time the only known remains of what was our first incarnation, from 1989 up until around 1994.

  1. Lost 6.23
  2. Fire 5.57
  3. Shake Me 5.49
  4. Birth of Religion 3.21
  5. Demons Breed 5.21
  6. Breathe 5.43
  7. Deathtrip 3.34
  8. Heterodox 4.00
  9. Eternal Sleep 6.38
  10. Precious Life 3.10
  11. Instrumental No:1 3.24
  12. Eternal Sleep -97 (featuring St.Mikael) 6.32
  13. Instrumental No:2 3.47
  14. Heavenly 2.56
  15. Lost (Again) 4.47

Issued on CD in 2000 by Freak Industries. Sold out.

The Second Record of Freak Philosophy (2006)

Cover unavailable at the moment.

This collection was released soon after we reunited in 2006, as more recordings and demos were found in our vaults. The sound quality is poor in some cases, but then again; here are some really harsh examples of early Swedish stoner and doom metal.

  1. Fire (The First)
  2. Breathe (Version)
  3. Creator of souls
  4. Lost (Again)
  5. Flesh Patrol
  6. Steelskull (The Original)
  7. The Void
  8. Brain Jam
  9. Breathe (with St. Mikael)
  10. Loophole
  11. Feel Alright
  12. Mothblinder

A collection of live and rehearsal recordings, issued on CD in 2006 by Freak Industries. Sold out.

Various Artists: Tripping in the Basement (1996)

Tripping in the Basement cover

A collection of Stockholm garage bands from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Freak is represented with the song Shake Me.

  1. Stoner: Wine, Dope & Women
  2. Freak: Shake Me
  3. Zonk: Head
  4. Dream Machine: Mind Expander
  5. Twilight Souls: Reaching Out
  6. Twin Suns: King Of Guitar
  7. Infanto Freako: It All Adds Up

Issued on LP by Subliminal Sounds in 1997.

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